Katie Foreman (She/Her)

The illustration that I have submitted relates to metamorphosis through the idea of change in both physical appearance and change in society. It is a surreal juxtaposition of animals that have been created to highlight the increase in hybrid animals and the extremes of what climate change could lead to in the future. Hybrids are plants or animals produced by the crossbreeding of two genetically different varieties or species, something that is becoming increasingly more common as a result of global warming and deforestation, therefore over time, these animals are evolving to have almost completely different appearances. Examples include the Liger or the Grolar bear. This illustration is an extreme combination of a butterfly and bird species, something unrealistic but effective to catch the audience’s attention and enhance its message.

Future Effects Of Hybridisation

Words: Katie Foreman, BA (Hons) Design for Publishing, @_katieanndesign

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