Abbi May Zivengwa

This piece represents an intimate view, somewhere between a mischievous intrusion and a welcome invitation, into the familiar isolation of three individuals “alone in a crowd”

Inspired by the art of being alone, “Alone in a Crowd” captures the desperate urge to stay alive in a time of stillness and isolation-a feeling that we hope will become a fond memory rather than one we will desperately want to forget.

Imagining a time not so far in the future, where hectic integration has reclaimed everyday normality, where perhaps we will look back on these days of solitude through a rose-tinted lens, as we cling to those brief moments of delicious loneliness with a sense of melancholy that is sweeter than it is bitter.

Words: Abbi May Zivengwa, BA Fashion Communication and Promotion, @abbimayzivengwa

Photography: Nicola Bates,

Models: @SkinnyLvoe, @Moaninglucindasmile, @Uziokotcha

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