Emmalouise Smith

These photos are taken from a short film titled ‘Grow Up.’ Emmalouise cast fellow NUA students, Scarlett Archibald-Wright and Megan Roose for the joint-lead roles. It is an encapsulation of a study into female strength, survival and the daydream of wanting more.

The photographs were all shot on film, a mix of 35mm, Polaroid and medium-format stocks. There is a notable use of colour, space, and the heightened narrative of the sports hall as the setting. Sport was explored as a genre, to directly reflect the competitive atmosphere between girls whilst growing up, and where that takes them thereafter into adulthood. The poignancy of the atmosphere, the empty stares, and the cinematic mise-en-scene really push the female gaze to it’s purest form. Below is a BTS video from the shoot.

Words and photography: Emmalouise Smith, Moving Image & Sound

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