Holly Wise

As an Architecture student, it’s a wonderful experience to take what you learn in the classroom outside, to further your understanding. To be able to travel and witness different cultures and structures with a fresh perspective, gives you a newfound appreciation for the subject you study and the world around you. 

One thing I particularly struggle with is drawing. The ideas stick firmly in my head, but I can never translate them to paper the way I want to. I knew I needed to improve on my skills to be successful in this industry, but also to not pile on the pressure. I took it upon myself to practice illustrating buildings, with the aim of being happy and proud enough to sign and date my work, and making the point of keeping a sketch book every year for that sole purpose. In doing so, I have gained greater depth and perspectives, which helped me to boost my confidence in conveying my work and ideas, and made me feel a lot better during critical reviews. 

This summer, I was hoping to go abroad to document more interesting buildings I would have potentially come across to improve on my skills. Sadly, lockdown has firmly ensured otherwise, which led me to flick through previous years’ holiday sketches, that brought a smile to my face. My sketchbook may be a little battered, the drawings may not be great, and the process of sketching them on a curb may have been uncomfortable, but these were the first set of sketches I have enjoyed. No one had to see them if I did not want anyone to, and there was no pressure in producing perfect work. I had fun and I have since improved on my drawing skills. With that being said, I am proud of them and have decided to share these illustrations via Storehouse, hoping it would spread some optimism for anyone who needs it at home. Everyone has a starting point and I’m looking forward to seeing what I can do from here.  

Media used: pencil, watercolour and fineliner. 

Words: Holly Wise, Architecture, @holly_stardust_

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