Mila Meijerink, (She,Her)

It’s a feeling, a mood, an energy that fills the empty space. With intentions of discovering something more, for a moment a profound feeling looms as you feel like you are being transported somewhere so foreign and far away from your own home, a different planet, a different universe. It takes over and casts a shadow over the room, the world is put into perspective, you are now not just sat alone with your thoughts you are being exposed to a new mindset, new ideas and concepts that change the way you look and think. The comfort of a routine has gone. For a creature of habit, it’s internal chaos. The screaming and shouting with everything crumbling feels like a falling city; But to anyone who would witness someone in this state they would see your eyes peering off into the distance, to a world unknown and not understand how perplexed you feel. The emotionless stare gives nothing away. So commonly referred to as the biological process of an animal changing, the word metamorphosis extended itself beyond that and has had the conspicuous and abrupt change it’s so used to. Something you are not.

Mila Meijerink, Storehouse Content Team, @milameijerink

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