Words: Kate Chaplin (She/Her), BA (Hons) Fine Art, @katerobynart

Kalon Kakon’, first used by Hesiod in reference to Pandora (yes, as in Pandora’s box), translates to “the beautiful-evil thing”. This phrase is in reference to women, who in ancient Greece were considered a higher value for their beauty as opposed to personality; being kept to domestic spheres in order for men’s patriarchal ideas to remain in control. Greek mythology was used as an example of how women were meant to be dealt with, and from this stemmed misogynistic representations of female legends. This work, Kalon Kakon, plays with the narrative of these characters and has been produced with the female gaze in mind. Through this playing of a contemporary feminist reaction to the ancient writings, the viewers are invited to discover mythology on their own terms, with their own interpretations, and find strength in the aspects of these women that men considered damaging qualities.

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