Amy Harman

An interview with Jarrold’s prize winner, and one of our shortlisted artists for our eye opener exhibition, Amy Harman.

How was your self-portrait an exploration of your identity?

My self-portrait depicts how I felt at that particular time. I was tired and fed up, trying to get through work and not getting anywhere. I was having a bit of a mental block.

I just happened to be wearing the fish hat at the time, however it represents the eclectic things I own as well as my playful personality.

My identity is also shown through the use of bright colours. Colour plays a massive part in my practice as well as in life.

What is your perception on identity?

Everyone has their own unique experiences and paired with their ethnic background, I feel like this defines your identity.

What would your dream project be to work on?

Something large scale and collaborative? Something playful and tactile that people could interact with. Anything exciting and fun really.

What impact do you want to make with your work?

I always try and explore new techniques and ways of thinking when responding to a brief. I want to expand the viewers understanding as well as my own of what illustration can be.

I have to enjoy developing and creating otherwise what’s the point!

What plans do you have after graduation?

No plans as of yet, but I will keep creating and possibly do some internships to gain industry experience. Maybe go travelling for a few months before going into the real world.

Words and illustrations: Amy Harman, Illustration, @amyhar.illustration

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