Katherine Morton

We often think of ‘process’ as something that is complete, but not every project is completed, and not every project is meant to be. However, unfinished projects can benefit us in a way that we may not have thought of. 

My piece: ‘Learning is Part of the Processor’, explores the path of trial and error that occurs during a project. I decided to create this piece in the style of a circuit board, as I work on a computer for most of my projects. Each path of the circuitry represents an idea being developed, and each branch ending in an unconnected point represents an unfinished idea or a failed attempt. The large points at the left and right side of the screen represent the beginning and end of the project respectively. 

Whilst the unconnected points may not benefit the project, they allow us to understand what can be improved in future. Throughout every project, we discover new techniques to challenge and develop our work, showing that whilst some projects are completed and others are not, learning is always part of the process. 

Words: Katherine Morton, Animation, @akatdrawntoart

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