Charlotte Kent

From office workers to students, to young families, all walks of life can be found in the hustle and bustle that is Norwich city. The common denominator of these groups is that they all need a place to live and work in the colourful city surrounding them. The brief of my project was to design a medium-sized complex of various sized and fully adaptable living/work units that will be located on Oak Street, which once was a centre of shoe production but now an abandoned site used for anti-social behaviour. When envisioning my design, I saw my users as young families who have just moved to a busy city. Due to the site and the site surroundings being a prime location for anti-social behaviour, I wanted to create a safe environment for children to play whilst their parents work. Passive surveillance over the garden area from the balconies and terraces is made by creating a horseshoe shape which allows for tenants to constantly watch over the communal area.  

Words: Charlotte Kent, Architecture

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