Chloe Powell

My piece is a collage of photos I took during the first Covid-19 lockdown. I made a lot of memories in that time and experienced a lot of emotions. I remember the novelty wearing off for a lot of people quickly, I remember trying not think about it and carrying on with a sense of ‘one day at a time’. My job was to look after and convince my partner that one day we’ll look back on lockdown and be nostalgic. We saw the sea a lot, it was our calm place, a place for us to be together without having to acknowledge each other. The world was changing, and we numbed ourselves whilst finding inner peace. I’m nostalgic for the feeling of everyone being in it together, now everyone is in different restrictions and stages; the world feels uncertain and haphazard to me. 

I remember seeing lots of sunsets, swans, coloured lights, waves and mushrooms. I remember hanging with the neighbour’s cats, sitting in random fields, going to the woods, drinking tea out of my metal flask and visiting my home in Norwich when I was allowed. I remember when we made orange caramel, breakfast bagels, special brownies and cooked a roast dinner for ourselves. I remember drowning in tea as it always made everything better. 

Being locked down made me appreciate life and the earth… I wish I could say the same for everyone, but lockdown also made me see how stupid people can be. 

I went through a hard time with ups and downs, but I’ll always think back nostalgically to those six months in 2020. Remembering what it was like to be reborn into a different society.

Words: Chloe Powell, BA Illustration, @laughsnervously

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