Words: Layne Howlett (They/Them), BA (Hons) Photography, @l.howlett.photography

Play is so crucial to my creative process. Style is so personal, and I often question my visual approach in comparison to others that seem to have developed this cohesively. On the other hand, I find this element of play and experimentation absolutely the backbone to the way I make each individual piece.

I work a lot with themes of identity, and this holds a heavy burden as there is a power and responsibility that comes with representing others’ as authentically as possible. The strongest element of my process relies on exploration, collaborating with my models to truly understand them and be intentional with my creative decisions.

My most recent series of work tuned into my own experience as a queer person, looking at how we find affirmation and safety within ourselves despite often longing for more. Each person’s experience affected the approach taken, with intersectional identities and experiences communicated through the images.

Absolute thanks to my model, Noodle (they/them) @crystal.gem.noodle, for giving me the space and time to work with you <3

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