Emma-Louise Hannaway

In the last night outs before lockdown, we managed to film Martini’s Inner Circle. The essence of this project is to highlight the joy of Aperitivo time to a younger audience, the power of friendship and spending quality time together face to face, using our own circle of friends to prove this.  

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Martini identified that young people are not experiencing the outside world and making real-life connections with other people. Social media can sometimes create an illusion of closeness, but this cannot live up to face to face interactions. So, Martini is encouraging young people to get together and share a drink at Aperitivo time, to celebrate togetherness. 

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Martini’s Inner Circle will be unlocked to young exuberates, who make their way into the social circle by exploring the outside world as they connect Martini circles which are hidden across the city through anamorphic illusions. Once 6 are found the opportunity to enter the Martini Escapism Room is granted. Here there is an immersive experience centred around laughter, sharing quality time and all things Martini happens. 

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Taking the iconic Martini circle as a key asset, the idea of connection amplifies.  From broken up menus to coasters that fit together when joined with another person. Giant red circles appear in bar games, and professional mixologists are on call. To create an exclusive feeling of getting into the Inner Circle, the key colours of Martini – red and cyan – often reveal hidden messages only visible through coloured lenses. 

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This project was a perfect end to our final year at NUA. We were able to come together and enjoy the process of filming in pubs and bars across Norwich, which we love. We essentially created Martini’s own Inner Circle here in Norwich and are thankful for everyone’s help. 

Photographer/Filmer- @pcorbett_

Words: Emma-Louise Hannaway, Graphic Design, @Hannawaydesign

Graphic Design: @rosiebebberdesign

Photographer/Videographer: @pcorbett_

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