Catrin Hâf Feron

I created these pieces after studying the photographic concept of ‘the male gaze’. Within these images, you often find women being depicted with high camera angles making them look smaller and more vulnerable, with another key feature being that their faces are often covered. This means that you focus on the woman’s form rather than her face. I found this really interesting because it is somewhat reflective of societal roles and how different people may be perceived as stronger or weaker based on their gender.  

I took this concept to 3D in Maya where I used a model of Venus de Milo as Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love and beauty, to represent how women may be perceived in a delicate and beautiful sense. I took away her face, like in many photographic works, and replaced this with a splash of milk. I did this because I was exploring different 3D techniques and I wanted to look at how I could use liquids in a still shot. I chose to create milk to represent fertility as this is symbolic of the way that women may be perceived in society – as creators of life. With these two typically female elements (beauty and fertility) I wanted to create a contrast as I believe that images that just focus on denuding someone to just their gender fail to represent the person for who they are. To do this, I juxtaposed these elements with a low angle shot. Low angles make the subject look bigger and more powerful, which is fitting for Aphrodite, as she is a god.  

Words: Catrin Hâf Feron, VFX, @kunst_cat

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