Callum Brown, Jeremy Downes and Simone Costa


Create a brand identity and associated brand applications for a new museum or cultural space. 


Much of the core work of graphic designers are dealing either with the creation of brands and identities and/or it is dealing with the roll-out and application of an existing brand. This project will ask you to do both of these jobs. Branding for cultural institutions is very important, and competition for our time and the money in our pockets is fierce. Consequently, your work must be brave, bold and different. 


Combining stories of the technological inventions with the growth of civilisations, the Museum of Communication promises to exhibit and display artifacts from ancient history right up to the present day that deals with how we communicate with one another. From the development of language, through exploring codes and code breakers, the story and power of images, the birth of the telephone, through to the explosion of social media, this place will tell the complete story of communication. 

Words: Callum Brown, Graphic Communication, @__cbrown__

Words: Jeremy Downes, Graphic Communication, @jdownesdesign

Words: Simone Costa, Graphic Communication, @simonesketch

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