Thomas Goddard

I got some funny looks when I mentioned to friends and family that I’d be focusing on Minecraft as my form of nostalgia. I don’t think it’s too strange, as the game is the main one I remember playing growing up, and I was one of the first Minecraft players when I started playing in late 2010. I was one of the only people I knew that played the game, but as we know, the game grew to be the giant that it is today. As a kid, Minecraft inspired me to find a job in the future that fuelled my creativity, not only through my creations in the game in pixel art, but outside where I would doodle in the corners of schoolbooks with ideas about the next thing I would make, and write stories about what had happened that day as if it was in an action movie. 

My nostalgia stems from the music in the game, the thousands of hours that I spent in the worlds I moulded and built, and the time I spent playing together with my friends and family. In the time I’ve played, I’ve lost world after world with every new computer and every new update, and yet I still play it now and it makes me feel the same way I felt 10 years ago. 

To represent my nostalgia for Minecraft, I decided to paint my own version of the paintings that are available in the game. I don’t spend a lot of my time using paints, but I thought I would revisit them as I struggle to use colour effectively in my illustrations, and this was the right project to use to improve this. I used colours inspired by the game which I think captured what I wanted in the painting, perhaps being a mysterious unknown creature hidden in all the pixels or a landscape of some kind. These questions are what I love about the paintings in the game, the smaller they are the more the player can interpret what the mixes of colours turn out to be. I hope you see and interpret something different to me in my own painting.  

Words: Thomas Goddard, Illustration, @tom_goddard_illustration

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