Amber-Rose Thorpe

We all miss the days that we were able to be entertained for hours on end by a piece of plastic that made loud, tinny, chaotic noises in response to the tapping of buttons. Being responsible only for keeping small pixelated creatures alive, and mourning just for 5 minutes when they died from neglect, before forgetting our grief shortly after when we began cleaning up the lumps of pixel poo from their reincarnated form. To my 5 year old self’s chagrin, I never had a Robot Dog or a Furby, and I still envy those whose parents could put up with the electronic barks and the chirps of them; that is, until they took the batteries out and hid them in the loft. Here’s to the groundbreaking plastic of the early 2000’s!

Words: Amber-Rose Thorpe, BA Fine Art, @slugscantswim

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