Words: Charlotte Blackstone Whines (She / Her), BA (Hons) Graphic Communication, @charlottebwdesign

In response to the brief ‘play’ I wanted to create something new that I hadn’t done before and that began with the subject matter. I went out on a rainy Saturday and took pictures of Norwich Market. Despite the weather, I really enjoyed looking for inspiration and taking pictures of the market. I really liked the eclectic colours and shapes and how everything was piled on top of each other. This piece is what I picked out of the market, the food and flowers and the triangle roofs. What I liked most about this brief was that it was a bit of fun-nothing too serious and I didn’t scrutinise about how it would end up looking or the design style. I think play is a really important element of creativity, being able to enjoy the process, experiment with different techniques and colours and to be able to develop your own creative style.

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