Yasmin Noonan

Nostalgia to me means experiences and memories that occurred during my younger years and which inevitably morphed me into what I am today.  

From what I can remember as a young child, I was always and constantly drawing.  Drawing my family, my house, animals and the odd dinosaur was most of the subject matter, but those initial seeds of imagination helped my artistic passion come into fruition, which is something I’m grateful for and will always look back on in my career. This pure imagination and freedom helped me create without pretences and judgment allowing me to truly uncover my artistic flare which has stuck with me all my life.  

Exploring the outdoors and finding weird bugs will always be a nostalgic memory for me, I specifically remember a phase of my childhood where my siblings and I would dig in the back garden and discover very old glass bottles and bits of painted ceramic from way back in the past. These experiences have multiple feelings connected to them. It was back in my old family home where we no longer live anymore and reminds me of when everyone was at one place at one time, which is something quite rare now in my family. Nature ultimately brings me back to that house and that garden and gives me a sense of comfort and nostalgia. 

As true to any child of the early 2000s, playing with dolls or action figures was probably a huge part of their childhood, this was especially true for mine. Brats, Hello Kitty and Groovy Chic along with many other popular icons of the time, played a huge role in my early visual and current interests. Although I no longer play with these dolls and toys, the imagery and style of that era has heavily influenced my style today and I look back at this time and realise how import those experiences are to me now.  

Nostalgia to me also represents a sensation of obliviousness and innocence. A small period of time before I could begin to understand the world and have complete lack of understanding of the things happening around me, while being able to be free with my imagination and expression. It brings me joy and sadness as I wish to be that small child at times, forgetting about the world and giving into that inner child while also taking those memories and treasuring them as my foundation to where I am today. Through my illustrations I hope to portray that innocence and happiness of being a child and creating a sense of nostalgia through a mini version of myself, in which some others may be able to relate to and share their own memories with.  

Words: Yasmin Noonan, BA (Hons) Illustration, @yas_noon

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