Words: Ruby Williams (She/Her), BA (Hons) Photography, @rawilliam.s

During last years project, I focused on how university during lockdown had made both me and the people around me feel. The pale green tones representing how dull and lifeless university life had been, and how people’s mental health and motivation levels had suffered during the pandemic. In this photo specifically, I wanted to represent the way people felt during online classes in a much more hyperbolic manner, choosing a montage of eyes behind the main focus in order to show surveillance from others. Also, through this imagery being projected behind the model on a massive scale, it showcases the rising anxieties that can accompany being on an online call – whether it’s being on camera or having to talk in front of others. Using a projector was new to me at the time of shooting, and so required a lot of trial and error to get the lighting right, however I feel that the experimentation paid off with this photo in particular.

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