Katie Billham (She/Her)


Who do I want to be today? Open up the wardrobe doors, stare blankly at the rows of clothes. A rails worth of possibilities for the next 24 hours. Who do I want to be?

Today I could be sexy, confident, a veritable femme fatale. Head to toe in black, slit in my skirt, heels so high I reach the sky, perched on a bar stool with a martini. Some fella could walk in, buy me a drink and compliment my eyes. I could be perfectly poised and the envy of the town. Or perhaps I could be cutesy, pink and fluffy. Decked out in ribbons and bows, adding bounce and flare to every social event. I could be the life of the party, a ball of energy, a vision in petticoats and flounces and pleats. Maybe I could skip instead of walk and play hopscotch on the mismatched tiles on the pavement.

Then again, I may be tempted by a different flavour of me. Blazer, sensible shoes, hair pulled back and pinned nice and neat. Looking like my life is together, like I know where I’m going, like I make good money. I could tell people to keep the change, command the attention of those I’m talking to. Maybe I’d buy a fancy laptop and do my work in little coffee shops, looking professional and quaffed.

But I could also be grungy, line my eyes with black and dress in dark colours. I could fold my arms over my Joy Division t-shirt, and smoke badly rolled cigarettes while I read my book in the shade. I would be cool and unruffled, totally unflappable, with my bag full of knickknacks and my head full of daydreams.

Today I could be whoever I wanted, today I could be fancy, casual, a character in my own story. Pick and choose, pick and choose, pick and choose. Every outfit a change, every piece of clothing a new identity. Make my choice, pick my character, face the day.

Words: Katie Billham, Storehouse Content Team, @katiie_mae_

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