Cara MacNally

Deforestation is an extremely current issue that affects every one of us on earth and one that will continue to devastate families and communities for generations to come.

‘Orang-Utan’ is the first in a series of documentary-based stories exploring both the large and small-scale deteriorations within Indonesia. ‘Orang-Utan’ or ‘Person of the Forest’, is a title that locals within Indonesia often bestow upon themselves with pride.

Within this series, it is highlighted that not only is wildlife suffering from these industrial threats to the environment, but also the local communities.

This series was formed in April 2019 during one month in Indonesia, travelling to countries including Sumatra and Borneo, living alongside residents in order to translate the environment correctly.

In this visual story of photographs, it is documented how the western industry is having a detrimental effect on the Southeast Asian landscape.

With the incentive that this work can become a stimulus for those who see these photographs and with the dissemination of stories, issues can be highlighted, that we all face as humans.

Words: Cara MacNally, Photography, @caramacnallyphoto

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