Amy Harman

The idea of process is extremely important within my personal creative practice. My research report Process: Accessibility, Repetition and Provisionality: A Practice-Based Enquiry allowed me to delve deeper into the process with art and how my creative practice compares to other process based artists. I investigated ways in which you document process and how in turn this documentation could become a more important outcome.

For Playhouse (2019) I have been exploring themes of construction and deconstruction in response to my childhood wooden ‘playhouse’ that I dismantled over the summer. I used iterative processes to research layout, registration and repetition to convey ideas of nostalgia and impermanence. I related the assembly and disassembly of a childhood toy to the familiar concept of ‘nothing lasts forever’.

I explored these concepts using a range of materials and processes. As part of this exploration, I produced a series of plaster cast iterations from a wooden remnant, an artefact from the playhouse structure. As part of the process, each iteration varied slightly from the previous and each cast was unique. I feel that I’ve monumentalised a throwaway part as a kind of object of remembrance.

These artefacts were the result of process ie. following construction to deconstruction and finally to reproduction. I have also been investigating different methods to document this temporal process.

Recording the playhouse demolition via time-lapse was the most obvious.
I have also experimented with the facets of the playhouse. Playing around with the layout and various analogue printing methods. My work relates to childhood memories of not wanting to take apart jigsaw puzzles once you’d spent hours building it. The destruction of the playhouse mimics this.

I’ve shown this by creating simple compositions, exploring negative space and registration. At first, I laser cut shapes drawn from the playhouse on Adobe Illustrator, then I relief printed from them, using the colour palette of the playhouse another way to show the identity of the structure.

Words: Amy Harman, Illustration, @amy_harman_

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