Roisin Delaney


My artwork is never complete, or at least never has an end. I find with my artwork and practice that it is in a constant stage of creating and developing into new mediums or fusing mediums to create a new stage in my practice.  

Primarily, I am a painter and printmaker as I often return to these mediums, however, I have branched into film, photography, 3D and installation work, but this is dependent on what fits with my practice. Aside from creating the work, when it is up in a gallery, I gravitate to becoming part of the audience, viewing the art for the first time, or becoming Miss Nobody – achieving a detachment from my own work. I find this helps me evaluate the work and means I can break out of creating the same work constantly. 

Boredom is a word often not talked about in art practice, but we call it another term: ‘art-block’. While this can stop most from creating, I find it effective in pushing me out of creating the same work, as it forces me to play and experiment with a new medium, due to needing to learn a new medium, it opens more possibilities and ideas. This is why playing is such a powerful part of my practice. I play to create, I play to learn, and I play to discover. While many processes have strict means of achieving an end result, I approach a medium with the intent of playing and going down non-traditional routes (as long as it doesn’t break the equipment).  

Some of my favourite artworks come from me messing up the process and creating something unexpected. 

Words: Roisin Delaney, Fine Art, @rusheenarthur

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