Maisie Cuthbert

For a recent project in BA3a, we had to design materials for a restaurant interior in 2035. I predicted that by then, people would be craving a sense of nostalgia when eating out. My design solutions are engaging and tactile conversational prints. They aim to offer comfort by encouraging the feeling of nostalgia and act as a distraction through both sight and touch. Busy patterns can be engaging but also calming if the colours are appropriate. To reduce social anxiety, patients in therapy are taught to focus on something in the room that is engaging in order to relax themselves. In times of stress it is a natural instinct to feel nostalgic and rely on those feelings for comfort and a sense of normality. A study published in 2013 suggested that nostalgia can double as a resource for psychological health and overall wellbeing. I have chosen motifs that can evoke a sense of nostalgia. I created an online survey to research what colours, textures and items can do this, and I then translated the responses into fabrics. 

Words: Maisie Cuthbert, Textile Design, @maisietextiles

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