Emily Mitchell




an instance of a wrong or misinterpreted perception of a sensory experience. 

a deceptive appearance or impression. 

a false idea or belief. 




There is a concept in society 

that our worth is measurable 

That the marks on my skin 

tally marks of my value 

One birthmark. 

Two fat rolls. 

When I sit; one when I stand.  

Three scars.  

Four dimples in my bumcheeks. 

Don’t lie, five. 

Counting every mole. 

Twenty-six and I gave up. 

Stretch marks, stretching my pen ink more like. 

I’ve lost count. 

One chin. Two when I laugh. 

Two rolls. Of me. 

Three scars. I’m still here. 

Five dimples? Two amazing bum cheeks. 

Counting every mole. 

A constellation of imperfections. 

Like a dot to dot colouring book 

Trace me and find I am filled with possibilities. 

Let my stretch marks guide your tour around 

Little arrows pointing to all my beauty. 

Society teaches you an illusion 

A false idea or belief 

That a ‘deceptive’ appearance or impression will find you some relief 

Don’t mould the shape of you 

To fit their shape of you 

There is an illusion in society 

That our worth is measurable 

That the marks on my skin 

Tally marks against my value  

But the antonym? 


Words: Emily Mitchell, Fashion, Communication and Promotion, @emilyhebemitchelljjjjjj

Photography: Hannah Game, Storehouse Content Team, @hjgamephotography

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