Words: Reece Cornwall (He / Him), BA (Hons) Graphic Design, @reececornwall

With recent promotion to the Premier League (again) and a very dated identity, I felt Norwich City would be the perfect club to design a concept rebrand for in the first project of BA3a. Being a football fan (come on you Spurs) meant I was always going to have fun working on this project, and the broad range of touch-points that would need designing gave me a huge scope to play with.
I focused the rebrand on the resilience of Norwich City as a club, making it through several periods of financial difficulty as well as facing relegation many times, and their daring attitude, allowing me to play with giving NCFC a bright identity and loud tone of voice with updated colours and contemporary typefaces, including bespoke typography based on the form of feathers for the shirt numbers.
The canary is an element of the club which NCFC is known for best, as well as the history of Flemish migrants that comes with it, therefore meaning the canary had to stay. Using condensed type as a cage for the canary to break out of gives the club crest its modern, unique feel as well as representing the bounce-back personality of the team.

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