Layla Weiss

“Red Sea” is a series of shots I did for Kingsley. He approached me asking me to help him capture his skin condition as it really wore down his mental health in the past 6 months. For a long time, he thought it was something temporary, something that would go away after a while, but he grew to learn after months passing by that the reality of it was that this is temporary. He must learn how to deal with it. Saltwater eases the pain for him, so we took a trip to Cromer and spent some time by the beach. This raw experience was liberating and woke up a lot of emotions and I’m so glad I could be part of his next step of self-acceptance and facing his reality.  

“One morning I awoke as sleepy as ever, stumbling towards the shower I caught myself in the mirror and noticed a small patch of red skin which had formed, it grew; day in and day out. After many frequent breakdowns, unbearable showers, a massive confidence loss and questions seemingly left unanswered, I finally stood aside and watched a sea of red swallow my body. Patiently waiting but there was no sign of it stopping or returning to how I once perceived myself, growing tired the restless nights got longer till eventually I fell out of love with my body – but it did not stop living for me.  

After countless attempts with many different remedies none seemed to pull the plug on what had become of my skin, the journey was not as straight forward as you’d expect – many times it healed completely leaving only vacant scars of what once was. You could imagine my reaction as it returned a few days later. Thinking that maybe I had been swimming in the wrong direction; I proceeded to remove meat, dairy, alcohol, and any inorganic substances from my life – but with little effect my bodies reaction felt as if I’d shot a flair up in the most desolate part of the ocean.  

Trying to live in unison with my mind and body began to get easier as I started to accept what had become of my skin, why should I see psoriasis as a flaw upon this incredible gift I’ve been given. 

Our bones hold us upright while the skin wraps our heart and soul with protection, but tell me; when was the last time your body said it didn’t love you?” 

 Words: Layla Weiss, Design for Publishing, @layla.kosima

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