Beth Graham, Gigi Soh, Hannah Game and Uzi Okotcha

What a wild ride Issue 20 has been! With so many more submissions and amazing work coming through for Reality and Illusion, we simply knew that our online format had to change to showcase your work!

With the website becoming the responsibility of the Content Team, I decided to reach out to our in-team photographers to create images for any articles that were submitted without. This meant Issues 16 through 19 received a little touch-up, which also led us to create the Archive section on the front page to showcase some of our favourite work from past students and issues.

As of writing this piece, we are experiencing the wild effects of Covid-19. With social distancing and self-isolation a reality for many, we hope that the launch of this website will help even a little, to give you a bit of reading material or that creative spark to get making!

My third issue to-date, and there’s an element of surprise encompassed within each process. Adopting an approach in high volatility with flexible layouts in content creation, whilst maintaining its identity with powerful visuals and thought-provoking articles. Storehouse acts as a catalyst in discovering the topics and mediums that matter to me as a creative. For instance, shedding light to the repetitive element found in various works I’ve created. Having taken the photos accompanying each article, for other briefs and reasons. Yet, finding a common ground and linking them to the ones created for Storehouse.

Gigi Soh

Issue 20 has been my first issue at Storehouse and it has been an amazing experience. Being surrounded by like-minded creatives that all encourage each other to push themselves has been so rewarding. From brainstorming the issue title to photographing our teams at work, issue 20 has brought on many new and exciting opportunities for me. Each previous issue has excelled the last, and issue 20 is no exception. I have had the privilege of creating imagery for previous issues and have found the process of using a person’s work and bringing an interpretation to life through my images very rewarding. One that stood out to me was an Issue 18 piece called ‘Deadman Review’ which, being a videogame already, meant that someone had already created their own vision. This was the biggest and most rewarding challenge of all of the articles I created work for, but I made sure to keep away from other interpretations in order to let the writing be my only inspiration. It is challenges like these that have really made my Storehouse experience so rewarding. ‘Reality and Illusion’ has been an inspiring first issue and I cannot wait for what is to come.

Hannah Game

For me, this project has felt like a full circle moment! I am actaully the longest serving member of the Storehouse team, having joined in Issue 15 (even pre-dating the first website). Funnily enough, I got to go back and create images for some of my old articles which only proved how far I have come within the world of magazines. Being the first film student to join, I have always been able to use Storehouse as an outlet to explore my other passions, this has only heightened in Issue 20 as I am surrounded by such an incredible team. My personal favourite image to create was the eye collage for my Issue 26 article ‘Perception on Film’ as it has completely breathed a wave of fresh air into the article.

Beth Graham

The articles I read inspired me in different ways but because my style is very similar in every picture, I think they could all fit with either of the articles.

Uzi Okotcha

Words and Photography: Beth Graham, Storehouse Content Team, @beth_grahamm

Photography: Gigi Soh, Storehouse Content Team, @Thecheesychick

Photography: Hannah Game, Storehouse Content Team, @hjgamephotography

Photography: Uzi Okotcha, Storehouse Content Team, @uzitookashot

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