Sasha Potgieter

Southend-On-Sea, 24th December 2020, captured on 35mm film  

A whimsical iridescent faerie, carving the innocence of connection through a bittersweet ballad.  

Drowning ghosts of laughter, that ride soothing waves, a gentle touch within our spirit.  

We find these glimpses trickled in the yearning for what has been, a wistful reminiscence.  

She is the changing tide, an interminable current.   

Lone sailor, sailing the water’s edge, eroding what’s before her. Only the soft hum of sea shanties, give clues to her arrival.   

You cannot hear waves crashing when returning to a place that holds fond memories. Rather everything becomes silent; like the blanket of stillness that engulfs the air after a storm, absorbing the past.   

Wading in the shallows of silence teaches us to float in water’s depths. Shipwrecked memories within the storm, will charter our course.   

These sentimental pieces left behind teach us appreciation for what was, while flooding excitement for what is to come.  

Yet, just like the tide her seasonal storm will return.  

She too has a funny way of appearing in love.

Words and images: Sasha Potgieter, Storehouse Content Team, @sasha.potgieter

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