Leah McGhee

Some seeds can not sprout  

unless they are burnt first. 

There are lilies in South Africa 

that wait for wildfires. 

Fire lilies sprout in clusters of orange; 

they require the smoke of a barren land  

in order to bloom.  

The confetti of ashes, 

remnants of a dead party, 

must stay to give life to the ground.  

Some things can only grow 

after they are hurt. 

Lobsters must abandon their shells 

to become stronger. 

They leave themselves undefended, 

their raw flesh out in the open.  

Fragility is a necessary process. 

Through hours of discomfort, 

missing limbs return amended, 

and a better shell is formed.  

On days when I think of you and her, 

of that night in October,  

I think of them; 

the seed, the lobster. 

And my scars become a reminder 

that I can mend myself again.  

Words: Leah McGhee, Storehouse Content Team, @leahpatriciah

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