Dominic Lovegrove

Reward System is an app designed to “gamify” your life by giving you animated rewards for everyday tasks. 

 Rewards are prevalent in videogames to encourage the player to continue playing and they are also seen in the digital world, where we have control over designing everything. Why not give digital rewards for actions in real life? 

 Gamification has huge potential when used for learning because the digital rewards can be very motivating. These rewards can be used as incentives, for example; learning new languages, exercise, mindfulness and environmental awareness. 

The way that Reward System works is that you are asked a question each day and if you give the answer that is required you will unlock a question relevant animation to use in messaging apps. If this question occurs again you will gain virtual coins to purchase animated sticker packs. 

Rewards system is a concept project. The idea for the project came about because I wanted to make something that could use new technology in a positive way to affect people’s lives.  

The animations I make are meant to be light and appealing rewards that reference pop culture and can be used individually or together as components to make longer videos. The idea is that these rewards are unlocked when you complete real-life tasks. 

Words: Dominic Lovegrove, Illustration, @domls_

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