Scott Soley

My work focuses on exploring the use of dark tones within nature, comparing the effectiveness of the ambient lighting at both the early hours of the morning to the setting of the sun in the evening. Through photographing at these times, I began to experiment with the narrative aspects of the scenes, relating them back to questions of the fragility of life. Capturing these scenes reflected on my own realisation of how I had been drawn to dark tones throughout my imagery for years and gave me a chance to develop this theme further to understand how I could utilise it into my own style. Darkness can be interpreted as a subject of malicious themes, and these images retain this idea by capturing nature at its loneliness times. Be it when flora has reached the end of their lives or left behind, the dark times’ nature must face eventually come for all living beings and is best represented through the cloak of darkness, the place without light. 

Words: Scott Soley, Photography

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