Lucia Calcagni

When we see, what do we see? Is that what is actually there, or just what we want to be seeing?  

We have an incredible ability to be able to interpret and filter out information fed to us from a multitude of stimuli surrounding us every single day. Do you choose to see the positive or the negative side of that? 

Say you are walking down the street and you see someone painting on a blank wall. Would you see that as graffiti, or as someone creating a more beautiful world?  

When you travel, do you know exactly what it is you will be seeing? Or do you just assume that the endless pile of travel brochures you bought from the travel companies are accurate?  

In thinking about perceptions on reality, has technology enhanced or hindered our views of the world? Social media has fed us an endless supply of perfectly edited photographs of the world, almost eliminating the need for someone to actually go there, as the image of the place itself seems almost belittled by the experiences of others you may see.  

Seeing is subjective. What you do with what you can see is personal. Is it enough for you to look at an image and wish to one day possibly hope to go there yourself?   

You have the power to see and do as you please in this world. Travel. Explore. See the world you want to see. Make that dream a reality. Do not look at images in magazines and the internet and hope that that will be enough to satisfy you – you can tell yourself it is, but the reality is that it will never be yours, not your memory, not your photo, not your reality. Create what you want to be. 

Words: Lucia Calcagni, Storehouse Content Team, @lucia_fineart

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