Melina Wilde

I often use art to have a conversation with myself. The initial starting point for this piece was pretty much an exploration of my subconscious. This fallen Goddess character came about and I realised I had visually manifested what I deify personally and that I was mourning the loss of its power. I think you can learn a lot about yourself, and your views on things that you didn’t even realise you had, through fantasy. Having these feelings expelled and assigned a physical space as a piece of art can be very cathartic.

I mirrored a lot of things through cultural osmosis when using this technique, which I then question. For example, what does it mean to my practice if I’m showing a statuesque woman in a compromised position, playing into an arguably unhealthy tradition of European art? There were a lot of drafts of this piece – I had to honour the vision I had inside of my head. I also knew I wanted it to be aesthetically beautiful. The subject matter is objectively dark, but I attempted to show an ugly scene in a beautiful manner.

Words: Melina Wilde, Fine Art

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