Eleanor Lamb

This project was a university brief in collaboration with The Broads Authority. 

‘Spot The Broads’ is an interactive wildlife and plant identification book. The aim of the book is to encourage people to go outside and explore! The book can be taken to four different locations on The Broads, where the reader can use it to spot different species of nature.  

My design explores the possibilities of a book form. The process of opening the pages reflects that of a map; mirroring the purpose of the book to find things. The relationship between readers and books is an invested experience, an experience I wanted to enhance. The unfolding of the book intrigues the viewer and hones its tangibility. The reader’s process is more than a page turn, it’s a journey. My design emphasises inference-making and the interconnection of imagination and the outside world.  

In terms of my process, I composed a full bleed collage of my watercolour paintings. Each environment brims illustrative information layered with colour and texture. The one-sheet book fold unifies the information for the reader in four pages. 

Words: Eleanor Lamb, Illustration, @sparkles_of_colour

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