Tatiana Susvaliuc 

Since I was a child, I remember myself watching the stars every night before going to bed, exploring the space and its shades, bright and dark areas. The universe is an inspirational representation of real magic for me, that always had its way out through my creative work. Every time I watch the stars I am amused by the beauty of light and darkness, how perfectly they combine each other and can’t exist without the other. I never thought that darkness was created as a presentation of something evil, instead, I think its purpose is to make us realise how light is important and only darkness can truly show us the way to the pure light, through its bright contrast with it. 

My creative artworks represent some shades of our space, our universe. Fluid painting is one of the best ways to see how colours create some magical shapes by themselves, without a touch of a human hand. You just mix the colours, pour them on canvas and then you have no more control of what image will eventually appear. No matter what colours you use, there always will be dark and light shades, appearing in a creative dance of the universe. 

Words: Tatiana Susvaliuc, Illustration

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