Joshua Taplin

With the current situation of Covid-19 affecting our daily lives, the time we spend at home has changed dramatically. We used to spend most of the day out at work or school, but we may now be spending most of our time in the home and while this may – or may not – go back to normal, one thing remains the same: the home would still be bursting with activity in the mornings and evenings, which may sometimes be seen as the normal day to day routines. 

The co-housing proposal located on Sussex Street, Norwich, takes the idea of these routines and aims to make them easier for residents. A three-quarter height feature wall houses the TV on one side while a breakfast bar / dining space has been built on the reverse to provide additional space to ease the rush of the morning routine. A two-stage bathroom layout has been used to provide space for people to brush their teeth and wash etc., while someone else is in the shower, without the need for two separate bathrooms. 

Words and images: Joshua Taplin, Architecture, @_josht25_

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