Hannah Boyce

Contemporary Wabi-Sabi draws on honest aspects of reality, for example, nature, natural processes and craftsmanship. Wabi-Sabi reconstructs these in a way that falsifies their original intention. This can be seen in modern-day products that draw on the aesthetic, they are most often mass-produced from unnatural materials. In that sense, they almost draw from an honest reality to create an illusionary product. 

My work is focused on Wabi-Sabi ideals of temporality and trying to follow the integrity of the craft. I aim to break the boundaries between art and design, by temporarily bringing forms usually associated with the ‘home’ into an exhibition space.

These forms are stripped of their traditional functions and are left as sculptural figures. As a result of this, I am heightening the ambiguity of the forms and yet still allowing the pieces to be relatable and recognisable to the viewer as something that already exists. 

Words: Hannah Boyce, Fine Art, @hannah_boyce_design

Photography: Callum Howard, Film and Moving Image Production, @limitlessfilmandmedia 

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