Words: Giovanni Morter (He/Him), BA (Hons) Photography, @plasticfloret

In my latest project I have found myself busy in creating body landscapes that map in an experimental and intimate manner the bodies of the models that I have been photographing. This play on the body landscape has helped me understand how the skin can narrate intimate stories of the person, this can be seen with how close the frame is towards the model’s body and skin.

It has also helped me in experimenting how the body can create fantastical landscapes with its forms and shadows, something that has helped this is the soft lighting, not only it has shaped interesting shadows and shapes, it has also accommodated the feeling of soft skin.

Some of these photos have also been a play on lines and shapes, this has been an experiment with continuity within the body and its shape. These features can be seen in the outline of the body and how the line could be imagined carrying on beyond the frame. They can also be seen starting from the torso leading the eye across the body.

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