Thomas Hardwick

‘The Freepost’ is a campaign that is designed to increase the level of awareness of unjustly imprisoned human rights activists around the world and raise the levels of participation in the process of releasing these detained individuals back to their families and saving them from severe sentences including the death penalty. 

The campaign consists of a monthly special edition letter sheet with collection of a set of eight stamps in each months’ edition, six of which contain the faces of current unjustly held human rights activists or protesters who were imprisoned at the time, and two of which feature the name of the campaign ‘The Freepost’. 

The stamps are designed in a simplistic format to increase the level of impact they have on the audience visually. Upfront imagery of the individuals faces creates a strong mental stamp of the featured individuals who need help, with their names printed along the bottom in the iconic Amnesty International colours and typography. 

The main design element is made up of four-layered laminated vertical stripes to visually communicate the hidden truth which so many of us do not know: the truth of how these individuals who have had the courage to stand up and speak against unjust laws and systems are held in prison for life or facing death sentences. The laminated layered bars reflect light to create the illusion of the jail cell bars which these human actives are being held within. 

‘The Freepost’ was created to help identify those brave few who have been risking their lives for many years to improve the lives of the people in their countries as well as others and to try and impose justice upon inhumane rules and laws from all over the world which affect so many. 

The campaign positively frames these selfless individuals who now need help after fighting for peoples’ human rights, spreading the faces and stories of these people into the wider public. 

‘We won’t stop until they’re all free. Let them know that the world is watching.’ 

Amnesty International 

Words: Thomas Hardwick, Graphic Design, @thomashardwickdesign

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