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The Lockdown Series is a project I started on Instagram dedicated to documenting peoples’ photos and experiences from their time in lockdown. I created the account because I found it cathartic to share my own experiences on Instagram, and I wanted to provide a place for others to do the same; to share experiences which go beyond the typical at-home workouts and banana bread.  

As the restrictions start to ease, I want this space to continue to be a place for people to reflect on their time in lockdown and their ongoing experiences as they adapt to these ever-changing circumstances. Even if you feel like you haven’t done a lot, your experience is still valid, so if you have something you would like to share then please feel free to get in touch. To read more stories, check out @the_lockdown_series on Instagram. 


“I walked down silent roads, I crossed the street from the people I saw, and I disinfected everything in sight. And I still caught it. Long days in bed ran into each other, a thick fog of fatigue pressed me into my mattress. Blowing kisses out the window, dressing up for zoom calls, and arranging flowers, I saw the kindness and tenderness of people all around me. There are lots of things in life you can’t control, but you can still find the bright spots in them.” – Helena, Norwich 


“The number one thing I was worried about when lockdown was announced was my mental state. I knew I needed to find a creative outlet to keep me busy and focused through the lockdown so I turned to my jewellery making. I began wrapping crystals last year but after practising and perfecting, I thought I’d give this hobby a shot at being a business. I created an Instagram page, an Etsy and most importantly my brand identity; ‘Rock N’ Boho’.” – Gemma, Norwich 


“These past couple of months have been really strange times for everyone to make sense of, let alone comprehend. For me, it has been the ultimate battle of balance. The battle between being productive and giving myself time to recuperate; the battle between staying hopeful and spiralling emotionally and mentally. As much as we would like to perceive things through the former end, I find myself sliding towards the latter, slipping into a constant state of disarray. However chaotic the times might be, I believe that everything happens when it’s supposed to, and that the human race will emerge stronger and more sensible than before.” – Gigi, Singapore 


“Lockdown has been an extremely surreal experience, that in a way I am thankful for. It’s blessed me with the time to pause. Take a step back and appreciate the little things that I hadn’t before. Suddenly, there were trees dancing, candy floss skies and so many flowers amongst me. Books I’ve never read, photographs I want to take and the body of Mother Nature I want to explore. It often goes unseen or unappreciated in a busy day-to-day life. But, I’m so grateful to have noticed it again.” – Alisha, Colchester 


“I spent the first 96 days of lockdown alone. That might sound like a nightmare to some, yet deciding to stay in North Wales was the best decision I could’ve made. I spent the majority of my time outside, which is something I’d been neglecting while finishing off my degree. Walks were extra special too, as they were my only source of human interaction, a simple hello or smile from a stranger would completely lift my mood even on the toughest of days.” – Ellie, Bangor 


“This photo was taken at 5 a.m. I could lie and tell you that I set my alarm early to make the most of the day, but in truth, I hadn’t fallen asleep yet. Time loses meaning when you don’t have a lecture to get up for, and day runs into night without consequence. Seeing the sunrise is a bad habit – one I ought to break – but it has its perks. Skies like this are definitely one of them.” – Isobel, Leicestershire 

Words: Hannah Berry, Fashion Communication & Promotion, @the_lockdown_series

Words, Photography: Isobel, @helena.seven, @itsjustelliem, @rock.n.boho, @ack_fashion, @thecheesychick

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