Hannah Game

Nostalgia is a feeling that is constantly lingering, whether you know it or not. This can be triggered by anything at any time. The simplest of moments, a smell, a feeling or a place; anything can trigger nostalgia and it doesn’t have to correlate to a positive or negative emotion, it can just be. This feeling sits in us for a lifetime and comes out differently in every individual.  

For some nostalgia can be ‘a confusing emotion as it is bittersweet to think back on comforting memories and how things have changed’. For most of us, change is one of the most challenging things we face. And nostalgia brings forth these memories and emotions that we are leaving behind. This can be a battle of the emotions. Some find comfort in nostalgia and others struggle to come to terms with what once was.  

For me, nostalgia comes through in waves. If I look at an old photograph or if I reminisce with family and friends. The sense of belonging and the wave of fondness and familiarity is something I cherish. Yes, it does sometimes make you feel sad but ultimately the feeling is that of comfort to me. When I reminisce, I feel my face light up and the nostalgic memories flow. The warm feeling of sentiment spreads through me and any sadness that connects with the nostalgia is still comforting. These moments of nostalgia are those that I cherish, as each time they get a little bit fonder and strengthen in their sentiment. 

Over the course of our lives, the form of nostalgia shifts and moulds with us as we develop. But the overall sentiment is still the same. It is a feeling, a connection to the past, that never stops reminding us who we are and where we have been. It shows us how we have grown and what has helped to create the life we are living, and for that nostalgia is one of the most important feelings we experience. 

Words: Hannah Game, Storehouse Content Team, @hannah.jg_

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