Ellen Hester

The Robin in the Garden is a second-year project which I thought would be fitting for this issue. This booklet is nostalgic as this project encompasses my memories of my Nan as she seemingly lost hers to a form of quick onset Dementia (the extent of which I was luckily shielded from). But she never lost the memory of the robin who was ‘always watching’. This book in a way was a self-therapy project in which via writing the poem and making the imagery I turned my grief into a positive project that I was proud of, and that started conversations with people who were going/had gone through similar experiences whilst at university. Work like this booklet that sparks conversations is important especially in the currently climate; it’s important to reach out to those around you, because chances are someone is going through a similar thing.

Words: Ellen Hester, BA Illustration, @goldstreamers

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