Chloe Ellis

Daily commuters in the thousands they go, 

Driving over the backbone of our town, do they know? 

Propelled for a moment into the infinite sky that lies ahead, 

I wonder what they are thinking of; their jobs, their lives, their families or what’s for dinner instead? 

For we are all guilty of ignorance, 

But I shall ignore it no more 

How on earth could I, when it lies right at my door? 

I go for a walkabout a mile or so, 

You can’t park near it, it’s just as well I suppose. 

The walk is quite a windy one, easy to get lost in thought. 

As you turn the last corner, there it stands, like a fort. 

Cascading pillars of concrete, standing perfectly in order, 

Connecting land with the land as you stand by the water. 

The shade of grey is changing as they go out into the river ahead, 

The rocks that lie beneath them, start to invoke thoughts of the dead. 

Please don’t mistake this poem as a painful reminder of those that have past, 

I’m just reflecting on my thoughts. 

Thank goodness, At Last! 

Now come a little closer, I shall show you with fresh eyes, 

There is beauty within the concrete, you thought you’d always despise. 

There is geometry in the structure, well-executed and well planned. 

The lines, curves, and archways sit aligned with the land. 

Sat in the middle of nature, it can easily be missed 

But stand between these pillars and you’ll feel the weight of the bridge. 

My practice sits in a state of flux between the urban architectural landscape and suburban natural landscapes, these pieces were created to express the materiality of gloss paint, merging geometry with fluidity. I attempt to unify the differing environments by reducing the formal qualities to suggest the figurative. The tacky shiny quality to gloss paint gives a reflective surface, smooth areas of black reflect light out of the darkness making it a perfect fit for this year’s theme of Contrast. 

Words: Chole Ellis, Fine Art

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