Jason Brown

‘UX’ is a buzzword that is thrown about by a lot of people these days. What does it actually mean though? 

User experience design is about so much more than creating user interfaces that take into account human psychology to provide easy-to-use and understandable interfaces. User experience extends more into the story of the users and focusing on who they are, as well as how they react to using computer hardware and software, to create a solution to a pre-defined problem that works for all of its users – or as many of them as possible at least. The easiest way to describe user experience is to look at the user experience design journey. 

You can use this way of thinking for any design application – at the end of the day, all of your designs should be usable by their target audience and built on their feedback and knowledge.

Words: Jason Brown, User Experience Design, @jasonbrown2k13

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