Harriet Laws-Herd

My interest in this project began with the idea of embodiment within virtual reality, this idea has been extended so vastly that my initial idea of perspective within digital stills now differs significantly.

Due to being such a tech-saturated world, many have become so immersed, unable to contemplate life without technology. As we delve deeper into the ever-expanding virtual world I wanted to consider and represent this idea within these images, and how these advancements could be used to benefit those within the working world.

Will the use of virtual reality within business be the normality of the future?  

Virtual reality has allowed us to manoeuvre our bodies in any direction and view this cosmos in an unfamiliar way. Despite this, technology can also ill-serve participants, causing reality to then be disappointing when viewed by our own eyes, resulting in distractions. This has been portrayed throughout the firefighter car crash scene, it represents the result of what being distracted by technology can look like. Have we lost touch with reality or have we discovered a better one, at what point will we be satisfied? 

Words: Harriet Laws-Herd, Photography, @harrietateniaphotography

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