Paula Averkamp

People and places are two of the main themes that inspire my work and often commence a nostalgia for a life that has been or could be. This sense of nostalgia can often be very frustrating but more often than not this is what drives my idea development.  

Lately I have taken a lot of inspiration from 90s and 00s magazine spreads. The y2K trend has certainly left its mark on me and just like many other creatives I have been experimenting more with wide angles, strong contrasts and saturated colours. I have spent a lot of time on photoshop merging various layers of different textures and colour gradients which often left the original image almost unrecognisable. I rarely take risk when editing my images but have recently been trying to give myself more freedom and to just enjoy the process of creating something completely new.  

All images represent nostalgia in different ways, one may portray a retro feel whilst the other seems more futuristic. 

Words: Paula Averkamp, Ba (Hons) Photography, @paulaaverkamp

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