Sarah Mark

Transcription is understood as phonetic, however, personally, I understand it as an idea of entering inside and extracting the object or structure soundly and visually into another language. Individually we each transcribe and perceive differently. Essentially this is important as it is a method of instruction and study. 

Within structures, I transcribe visually far from the true picture but what I understand to be a personal transcription. However, to society, this could indicate a completely different transcription signalling experience. When contemplating transcription, I gravitate mainly to black and white, or only two colours at a time, as this provides me with an understanding of structure and experience. 

My graphic design past has enabled me to see environments through clean-cut lines and grids. In addition, shape and composition, which can be defined with precision. This has led me to be inspired by structures and how we interpret or translate them into the pattern. 

Words: Sarah Mark, MA Textile Design, @typing_threads

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