Emmalouise Smith

A film within a film within a film within a film… set in a cinema, toying with traditional film aesthetics where narrative and experimental themes collide. 

With a focus on colour and nostalgia, Emmalouise promises to take the audience on an atmospheric journey. 

‘I invite you to an evening at the movies, where the sights and sounds of your local picture-house will summon in front of your eyes. 

My work is often described as old, I do sway towards nostalgic themes, although, with heightened visuals in mind, I am in essence creating something new; blending the old and the new. 

I have a fondness for decay, the degeneration of place, and stories left behind. The juxtaposition of time and place interests me. My mixed-medium approach to filmmaking often blends film and photography, and Two Tickets is no different. I employ my experimental strengths in full-frame, immersing the audience into the celluloid themselves. The formats I explore are digital, Super 8 and hand-degraded 35mm stocks.’ 

Words: Emmalouise Smith, Moving Image and Sound MA, @emmalouisesmith 

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