Words: Maisie Mccoy (She/Her), BA (Hons) Fine Art@bananagirlbananaboy

My practice has always been closely linked to my feelings, a way to reflect where I am in life. Studying at NUA has allowed me to keep an aspect of vulnerability in my work, whilst also tying in my humour and personality. Personifying my feelings through inanimate objects, silly statements that have a deeper meaning, or creating playful yet incredibly fragile objects.

My current chairs are linked to either uncomfortable memories or thoughts, then reimagined to include a little silliness, to take the edge off for the viewers. The most important thing my work conveys is that opening and sharing your feelings doesn’t have to be serious or boring; let them leak out in little drawings or poems, however you feel comfortable.

We create because we are passionate about conveying our thoughts and messages in a visual sense, I put pen to paper because I like to capture my view and try and share it with others. If my work; sparks conversation, unlocks memories, or makes your mouth do a little smile then it’s doing what I want it to do.

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